maximal hear rate minus 60


maximal hear rate minus 50


maximal heart rate minus 40


maximal heart rate minus 30


maximal heart rate minus 20


maximal heart rate minus 10


start with 15min Z1 and then you do 3×45″ as fast as possible rest 45″ Z1 and then you continue with Z. Total training must be the time that was given. Example: if you have 90’Z1A then your total training including the intervals must be 90min


this is a new pace tha I just introduce this season as preparation for the future to use a less of heart monitor.




I will try to explain it in away that everybody can understand, if not please ask me when I am in Malta.
This is the cross-over between the aerobic and anaerobic systems. An all out sprint, which requires a great deal of power output in a short period of time, uses the anaerobic system. The energy is quickly available, but the anaerobic pathways are not very efficient ; short-term energy stores are rapidly depleted, lactic acid builds up, and exercise soon comes to stop. Distance running, which requires a steady power output over a long period of time, uses the aerobic system. These pathways can’t generate the speed of the anaerobic, but they do possess a great deal more efficiency and endurance

Circle 1

see syllabus

Zone training

training what you do outside of the track

Track training

training what you do in the track

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