How do you determine your VO2Max?

Run as hard as you can in the track for 6 minutes and put the distance in the calculator bellow to determine your VO2Max.

The calculator will Calculate your velocity in meters per second



Let me assume you manage 1200 meters
Then your VO2Max is:
1800 ÷ 360 = 5 meters / second.


It is recommended that you repeat the test 48 hours later and use the highest velocity in your training sessions

Scenario Example

You run 1100m in 6 min. You put this digit in the distance box.  The calculator will calculate which distance you will run by each category.


By 30-30 you will run 90m in 5:33 pace and you will recover by running 50m in 11:07 pace.

Run 90m in 5:33 pace
Recover 50m in 11:07 pace


For 60-60 session you will run 180m in 5:33 pace and you recover by running 90m in 11:07 pace.

Run 180m in 5:33 pace
Recover 90m in 11:07 pace


By 3-3 session you will run 550 in 5:33 pace and recover by running 280m in 11:07.

Run 550 in 5:33 pace
Recover 280m in 11:07


In this training you will not recover completely. You run each distance until you can not reach the time you must run.


You are doing 30-30 session.

After running 6x90m in 5:33 pace, the 7th one you run in 5:35 and you feel you cannot go further. In this case you must stop.

You count only the 90 meters what you did in the target pace. In this case you run 6 times 90m. That’s what you must report.

This training will bring you to an other level, especially psychologically.  You will learn how to control your pace. If you go faster in the beginning you will not make it. You must be just on time. The first time, it will be not easy.

You must practice a lot. Good luck



Open online office excel

Edit only the RED values in the sheet below