Hill Training

This is the form what you must take to run up hill.  Don’t bend from your waist. You are like a plank. You bend from your ankle.

Your arm must be 90 degrees
Your knee must be up also on 90 degrees when you are standing vertical.
Your body must be inclined a little bit (8 degrees)

Good Hill Route (800m)

Angle of Hill

Angle of hill must be 5%

Until 7.8% is ok

How do you find the percent of Hill?

To find the percentage of a slope, use this slope percent formula:
Slope Percent = (Amount of Rise / Amount of Run) x 100

Example 1: The angle percent of a slope with rise of 6 m and run of 10 m is:
Angle Percentage = (6 /10) x 100 = 60%
Example 2: The angle percent of a slope with rise of 5 m and run of 100 m is:
Angle Percentage = (5 /100) x 100 = 5%

Running with cadence

If you know how to train with cadence then take 180-190 as reference.
Then you run on the right speed.

Running with the coopertest speed

If you don’t train with the cadence then take the 5k-coopertest speed as reference to run hill up.