If you don’t run the marathon than not more than 2hr of long run

Interval always with 20′ warm up and 20′ cooling down to get you right mileage per week

Hills training always start with 30 min warmup and 20′ cooling down.

After every training send me your report as personal message to me on Facebook. See the template in this file “what to report”.

Have faith in what you are doing and concentrate on your program, respect the speed and the duration of each training. Don’t run faster or longer than what you must do. The season is long enough

Rest means rest but you can do something else than running with a low intensity.Like a short swimming or short biking. Not longer than 1hr cycling and 20 min swimming (very easy)

Hills training must be done with very good technique. Try to be focus for good effect.

If you want to run a race which not written on the program please contact me. We can look together how we fix it.

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